This is what pisses me off about Tumblr. You all say you’re so accepting and you don’t want to offend anyone, but then thousands of people reblog something like this because Christians aren’t the minority. You wouldn’t want to offend a Muslim, and if this were offensive to them or another minority, there’d be so many comments about it. But everyone is completely fine with offending a non minority. “You’re not oppressed, you can’t talk!” You know what? I’m a Christian and this offends me and my faith, but nobody’s going to care about that because I’m not oppressed. Tumblr is hypocritical and that needs to stop.

Amen to the comment

Oh my precious lambs:

Examine why you are being offended. Because this is literally how a sunset works. There is not room for debate on this question. There is less room for debate on this than there is on just about any other thing. We are not reblogging because Christians aren’t the minority, dear ones. We are reblogging because after the debate a few days ago, creationists were given the opportunity to pose a question for non-creationists. One of these questions was:

"How can you explain a sunset if their is no god?" (sp.)

Questions, we assume, are posed so that someone might answer them. And yes, there is an answer of how exactly one can explain a sunset given the absence of a divine force. Now, you can certainly posit that God is the creator of all things and so all things came from him including the sun and light refraction and anthrax and kittens and famine and all that jazz.

But you don’t get to deny that THIS IS HOW A SUNSET WORKS, and of the necessary elements of this equation (Sun + Atmosphere + Angle = Sunset), God is not one of them. That’s because everything else is an observable phenomenon, and God is not. You can explain a sunset without God. You can go ahead and believe that God’s part of it all. That’s cool. Lots of people believe stuff like that, and I encourage you to delve into the ways that people make science and their faith jive. But if you are offended by being shown the basic scientific principals behind a sunset, you must be offended by damn near everything. And that seems exhausting. 

In short:

People getting butthurt over science, fucking love it.

"Stop teaching science, it offends me" 

Just because science can “explain” it does not mean that god did not have his hand in it. Science is not mutually exclusive in this aspect.

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